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What is an ECU Remap?

It is the process of adjusting and re-calibrating the car's Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to provide more power and torque. Other parameters like fueling and cooling are also adjusted.

Why Remap The Car?

1) The driving experience improves, the car feels lighter and has more power and torque
2) Flat spots in the power delivery can be eliminated
3) Fuel economy usually improves, unless drivers drive harder because of the improvement in the driving experience
4) Have the power when you need it, rather than not have it when you need it. Overtaking trucks, lorries and buses on single lane country roads would be a lot safer.

How does the fuel economy improve?

When the car has more power, it reaches your target speed more quickly. Economical driving means reaching your target speed quickly and then using the highest gear to maintain this speed. The car can also specifically be remapped to save fuel by adjusting fueling and ignition timing

Why doesn't the manufacturer remap the car?

Manufacturers have many type of petrol grades, environments and temperatures, carbon emission requirements in different countries to adhere to. Therefore, they will make super safe maps that can fit in any type of environment. Hence, allowing room for improvement by a local tuning team which understands the local conditions well.

Is It Safe? Will my car or engine be damaged?

Changing settings that affect the control of an engine can have harmful effects, it all depends on who wrote the software, and how the vehicle tuner configures it to the vehicle. For this reason we would never recommend installing your own software, or software from an unverified company. There are specialist tuning companies that write ECU software and they will usually test and tweak it for a year or more on many vehicles before making it available to the public. Going with one of these companies means the software you have installed is most likely going to be safe to use, but always check reviews first.


Will remapping affect my warranty?

Yes, if the dealer can prove that you have a remap or have tampered with the ECU. Most dealers cannot refuse a warranty claim just because your car has had a remap. They have to prove how the remap has caused the failure. Usually, if the car is all original including its bodywork and wheels, dealers are less likely to suspect a remap for any failure. Since this is a heavily debated area and very grey, we advise our customers to always treat the warranty as void.

Can i remove the remap before sending the car to the dealer?

Yes. In fact we recommend it. Any time any work needs to be done at the dealership, we recommend bringing the car back to original/stock condition. We provide this service free for the first two times.

Will my engine, turbo or supercharger wear out faster?

Yes. But the amount of lifespan reduction depends on many factors. For example, a badly maintained original map car might have an engine in a worse condition than a very well taken care of remapped car. Our remaps have been tested on the same cars that are sold in Vietnam before they are even released in Vietnam. Our international team allows us to advise customers what are the strengths and weakness of each of their cars and the action they should take in doing preventive maintenance.

Can the remap be detected?

If someone was really looking for it and knows how to detect it, yes it can be detected.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Top Car Performance ECU Remaps include a limited lifetime warranty against defects in the remap. 

Top Car Performance ECU Remaps does not cover the car or any damage caused to the car by ECU Remaps.

Is there a dyno to prove the performance increase?

Yes. It is not standard practice as we have done many cars many times and know roughly how much power it should gain. Should the customer request, an additional fee will be charged and the customer's car will be dyno-ed for before and after comparisons.

Why choose us?

As one of the only foreign remapping teams in Vietnam specialising in european luxury cars, our reputation and that of our partners and dealers is very important. We are a passion first business where we believe that money is the result of doing a good job. As we are also owners and drivers of Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsches and other supercars, we understand how owners think and feel and accord them the same service as we would want for ourselves. We are customer centric, not profit centric. No nonsense, no lies, no politics. If it is good, we say so, if bad, we'd say so too. Our largest income stream comes from our partners and dealers recommending us by word of mouth. They put their names and reputation on the line. That is how confident they are that we are the best choice for their customers.

How do you differentiate a Stage 1,2 and 3 remap?

- Stage 1 is usually for original/ stock condition cars with no aftermarket parts
- Stage 2 is for customers who want pop and bang features and more power and torque. This stage requires at minimum a clear downpipe. This is our standard safe remap which we recommend
- Stage 3 is for customers who want even more power. This stage requires at minimum cooling upgrades, a full exhaust system and a turbo upgrade.
- Stage 4 we are able but we do not do in Vietnam, yet. This is an engine upgrade.